Wooden Blinds Sharp Point 25 mm

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Wooden curtains will help you maintain the beauty of your home while increasing elegance and chic style. Easy operation allows you to control the incoming light.

This type of curtain usually has various sizes of wooden slats, usually there are 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. The difference in wooden slats is different depending on the needs, 25 mm for the room with the use of short span wood curtains, 35 m for medium span wood and 50 mm for wide span.

This type of window blinds is suitable for natural or classic home or apartment designs.
outside heat or the sun's heat will not be able to seep into the house because it is blocked by this one window curtain.

Besides being able to make cool, wooden curtains also play an important role in improving the interior aesthetics of a home.

The golden brown color coupled with fine wood carving make the wooden blinds the first choice for those of you who like interior or antique design!